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Our Company

Kith Central is a dedicated social media platform that connects Kiths and kins while at the same time rewarding them each time someone likes thier posts.

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We are a company that simply connect things

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We Just Make the Social Interaction Happen

Kith Central is the new social Media platform in Nigeria that Pays people when someone likes thier posts. Since launching in Nigeria, many Nigerians have started joining this powerful platform.

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We Just Make Social Interaction Happen

Kith Central is committed to partnering with the United Nations Foundation to fight against Poverty and improve livelihoods. 


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Our Team

Our Operational team is made of professionals with proven track record. Our tech team will be loading thier bios in the days ahead.

James Okut

Marketing Executive

Sarah Cruize

Project Manager

Russell Rose


Rose Morgan

UI Designer

Austin Hicks

App Developer

Julia Garrett

Web Designer