Frequently Asked Questions On Kith Central

  • A

How many likes do I need to get before I get paid?

You will need to have more than 1,000 likes before you can be paid

  • B

When Will I Be Paid?

You will be as from the 30th of every month in as much as you have acquired over 1,000 likes.

  • C

How Will I Be Paid?

You will be paid the Naira equivalent of your likes aggregate into your Nigerian Bank Account.

  • D

What Happens If I Violate The House Rules?

If you violate any of the house rules, all your likes total will be rescinded. In other words, you will lose your likes total. You will be paid nothing.

  • F

How Can I Get More Likes?

You can get likes by inviting your friends and getting them to follow you. You should post intresting posts

  •  G

How Often Should Post On My Wall?

You can post as often as you like. The more posts you make, the more likes you are likely to get

  • H

Can I Comment On Other Peoples Posts?

Yes you can and should comment on other people’s posts. By so doing, you will increasetye chance of thier liking your posts and making posts too.

  • I

How Can I Invite My Friends To Join Kith Central?

It is very simple, send them texts and messages across all your social media platforms. You can also start campaigns too.

• J

How Can I Advertise My Product On Kith Central?

Customers and People who need your products and services are waiting for you.

Simply go to your Kith Central Fanpage, you will see how to Advertise your products, brands and services.

• K

How Often Should I Advertise On Kith Central?

The more often people see your advert on Kith Central the more they are likely to patronise you when they need your product and service or recommend you to others.



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