See How To Advertise On Kith Central

Now that more than ever Customers and clients are expecting Brands to be active on social media, prospective customers are more likely to see and interact with your Advert Posts when you advertise on Kith Central.

Kith Central is the leading No1 Social Media Network Systems (SMNS) for Young Nigerians and older people who are young at heart far and wide globally. With over 5 million active members from 180 countries across the globe, people are more likely to see and interact with your products and services when you advertise on Kith Central.

People spend on average 30 minutes on our platform at any given time. Take advantage and advertise your products and services offers by advertising on Kith Central.

When you advertise on Kith Central, you get to take advantage of our high-level bespoke audience of young millennials and put your products and services in the face of our high-level audience.

Kith Central guarantees you the quickest way to achieving your expected advert deliverables and intended advertising campaign outcomes, while at the same time boosting sales revenue and increasing profit levels.

There are a number of ways to place adverts on Kith Central depending on your budget, budget direction and campaign objectives.

Once you have submitted your adverts from the advert link on Kith Central, you can make your payment to the following account details. Send a text containing your payment details and title of your advert to the phone number provided. You can also send a text to the email too.

Name Of Advert Officer

Account Number: 2632395763

Account Name: Mr Ambrose

Bank: Keystone Bank Nigeria

Phone number: 0814 267 4658



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