How to use Kith Central

At first, using Kith Central can be confusing and discouraging, but the following tips will help you navigate your way around and help you increase your earning.


You must understand that as soon as you log-in to Kith Central, you will see the everything page, you are to choose the particular page you want to go to, preferably the updates page do that you can see your latest posts and those of your friends.

On the left side bar is the activity page where you can return to see the everything page or return to your profile.

To enhance visibility of your posts and to increase your earning, it is recommended that you join and a group and contribute regularly in the groups you belong to.

To increase your earnings it is important that you invite your friends to join and that you befriend them on Kith Central to ensure that they regularly see your posts and increase the possibility of their commenting on your posts.

It is also important that you stay away from posting pornographic posts and breaking other house rules.

We wish you a successful surfing on Kith Central.

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